Demystify your employee benefits

Our AI-based software guides employees to get the most out of their work benefits

Sage is a modern benefits guidance platform to help employees discover, choose and use their benefits

Boosts employee engagement and retention through a simplified benefits experience

Visualize the value and achieve savings across health, wealth and wellness benefits your company offers

Empower employees to meet their life and financial goals through personalized benefits guidance throughout the year

A complete view of benefits savings

See all your benefits in one place — health, wealth and wellness
A personalized benefits savings guide for each employee, powered by AI
Integrated with your HR systems so employees can take action right away
Your 401(k) Retirement PlanYour 401(k) Retirement Plan
Increase your 401(k) contribution to save more on taxes and maximize the “free money” you get from your company.
Health Savings Account (HSA)Health Savings Account (HSA)
Set aside money if you're enrolled in a Premium HDHP plan and get “free money” contributed into your HSA—$1K for individuals or $2K for families.
Commuter BenefitsCommuter Benefits
Save on commuting and set aside pretax dollars for qualified transit and parking expenses.
Mental HealthMental Health
Find the best care for your mental health through personalized therapy and support at no cost to you.

Make your benefits stand out